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Car accidents can result in catastrophic injuries

Traveling in a car is a common everyday activity; however, car accidents can result in catastrophic injuries that can have an unexpected long-term impact on the lives of victims. Because of the expensive nature of medical care and treatment, medical bills resulting from a car accident, and an inability to work that may also result from a car accident, victims could be placed in financial jeopardy. Important personal injury legal options can be helpful when victims are facing the challenges of the aftermath of a car accident.

Catastrophic injuries that can result from a car accident include traumatic brain injuries, closed and open head wounds, spinal cord damages, neck injuries, paralysis, amputation, burn injuries, broken bones and other types of disabling injuries such as soft tissue injuries. Victims may suffer from chronic pain that can impact their future, which is why it is important for victims to receive proper medical care and treatment.

How to help avoid truck driver fatigue and truck accidents

Truck accidents can result in serious injuries and death to victims. As a result, truck driver fatigue, which may lead to truck accidents, can be a serious concern on the roadways. It is important for truck drivers and truck companies to avoid truck driver fatigue and a few tips to help avoid it may be useful for truck drivers to consider. Truck driver fatigue, as well as other driver conditions and circumstances, may be considered negligence if it leads to a truck accident.

To begin with, it is important for truck drivers to get adequate rest and sleep. At times, truck drivers may feel pressure to skip required rest breaks or not get the adequate amount of sleep to remain safe on the roadway. It is also helpful to retrain from driving during periods when the body is naturally drowsy including between 12:00 am and 6:00 am and 2:00 pm and 4:00 pm. It is also important not to skip meals which can also lead to fatigue or unpredictable energy levels.

Distracted drivers can cause serious harm to victims

Distracted driving is not an uncommon or new problem but technology is increasing the problem and making it worse. Unfortunately, distracted drivers can cause serious harm and damages to victims of distracted driving-related car accidents. Distracted driving can include more common behaviors drivers may not think of as distracted driving but can also include behaviors like texting which is considered the most dangerous form of distracted driving because it removes the driver's eyes, hands and focus from the roadway.

Common and dangerous distracted driving behaviors include texting while driving, talking on a cell phone while driving, operating a navigation system or audio system while driving, talking to passengers while driving, eating while driving, performing personal grooming while driving, reading while driving, reaching for an item somewhere in the vehicle while driving and attending to pets or children while driving.

The dangers of trucks

One of the dangers on the roads we might take for granted are trucks. When we experience bad weather, we will proceed with caution. If we are near a road construction zone, signs and cones give us clear warnings. And if we see an animal or object on the road, we instinctively act to avoid it and prevent an accident. But each of these situations is relatively uncommon.

We encounter trucks on the roads every day, and may not even consider the inherent dangers they present. Trucks take more time to accelerate or slow down, and have a more difficult time swerving or moving to change lanes or to avoid an accident. Truck drivers also have to deal with larger blind spots, crosswinds and the chance of jackknifing, all of which could lead to a serious accident. With their size and weight far larger than traditional cars, when involved in an accident, trucks are far more likely to cause serious or catastrophic damage and injuries.

Could texting or other distractions have caused a crash?

We all have seen them. While stuck in traffic, or even while hitting high speeds on a highway or freeway, other drivers are texting and driving. If we are all honest with ourselves, it's possible that everyone has done this dangerous act at least once while behind the wheel. Since cell phones have become readily available, texting and driving has become a dangerous trend, as it is often the reason behind a person's car accident injuries.

Texting and driving is viewed as a type of distracted driving behavior that is not only dangerous, but illegal in most states. With cell phones increasing their technological capabilities, it's not just texting that could be happening when a driver is distracted by their cell phone. A driver could be posting on social media, taking a video or scrolling through their music selection. All of these behaviors fall under the category of texting while driving.

Proactive choices for those who spot drunk drivers

Whether you're an experienced driver or have only had your license a year or two, you've probably done your best to keep yourself and all your passengers as safe as possible when navigating Maryland roadways. You just never can tell when a reckless or otherwise negligent driver will suddenly come upon you on the highway. Such situations can be extremely disconcerting. Hopefully, if it happens to you, you'll be able to think quickly and react safely to avoid collision.

Many problematic travel incidents involve drunk drivers. In fact, as a motorist or pedestrian, you must be alert and on the lookout for people behind the wheel who don't appear to be acting appropriately to the task. It's important to know how to spot a drunk driver and what to do next.

Woman dies in latest example of danger of pedestrian accidents

When there is an accident between a pedestrian and a motor vehicle in Maryland, the pedestrian is likely to suffer from severe and even fatal injuries. These motor vehicle accidents can happen at any time to any person who happens to be in the wrong place when walking. For those who have been injured or lost a loved one in pedestrian accidents, having legal advice on how to pursue compensation is essential to pay for medical bills and treatment or to provide for the family left behind after a fatality.

One family may be in this position now after an accident between a garbage truck and an SUV led to a pedestrian being hit and killed. The wreck occurred shortly after 2 p.m. when an elderly woman attempted to cross the street. She was hit by the SUV and thrown into the garbage truck. According to a witness, the SUV was speeding at the time of the crash. Two other people were injured in the accident. It is not known whether there is a plan on the part of law enforcement to file charges in the incident.

Statistics for fatal motor vehicle accidents in Harford released

Law enforcement and governmental agencies in Maryland make certain to keep track of motor vehicle accidents and their causes throughout the state. This is not just to maintain a record but to determine how and why they happened so methods can be devised to reduce them where it is possible. These statistics are separated into the individual areas of the state so that the causes can be analyzed in depth.

For Harford County, the number of fatal accidents on the road rose in 2016 compared to previous years. There were 23 fatal accidents in Harford County last year with 25 total deaths, as some had more than one death in the same incident. This is an increase from the 22 there were in 2015. Five were investigated by Harford County law enforcement and 17 by Maryland State Police. This includes one accident that happened just after the start of the new year.

Research examines frequency of drug impairment in car accidents

Maryland's roads can be treacherous even without driver behavior placing people at risk. When those behaviors, such as intoxicated driving, are factored in, a car accident can happen resulting in injuries and fatalities. One new report has found that drivers who operated their vehicles while on drugs caused more fatalities in 2015 than those who were impaired by alcohol. Even with this information, some experts state that drinking and driving is still a bigger problem than drugged driving.

The drug-related report was released by the Governors Highway Safety Association and the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility. When people who had died in car crashes were tested, 43 percent were found to have had drugs in their system while 37 percent had alcohol in their system. Across the nation, it is illegal for any driver to be impaired when behind the wheel. But there are differences in how these laws are interpreted when it comes to drugs. Testing practices also vary.

Maryland crash shows the dangers of school bus accidents

There is an expectation that when Maryland children are placed on a school bus they will be safely brought to their destination. While this is the case most of the time, there are also the unfortunate incidents in which motor vehicle accidents happen involving a school bus and children. It is essential that these bus accidents are fully investigated to determine the cause and lay the foundation for a potential legal filing.

Such an investigation is necessary now after a school bus was saved by a guardrail on the Maryland interstate when it was hit by a Jeep Cherokee. The accident occurred at approximately 12:45 p.m. when the Jeep tried to merge with traffic and leave the roadway. It clipped the front of a box truck which sent the Jeep into the school bus. The bus then hit a guardrail and was stopped from going down an embankment. The driver of the school bus and a student onboard were taken to the hospital. The driver of the Jeep, a 73-year-old woman, was given a citation for an unsafe lane change. Law enforcement said that the accident was her fault.


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