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Distracted drivers can cause serious harm to victims

Distracted driving is not an uncommon or new problem but technology is increasing the problem and making it worse. Unfortunately, distracted drivers can cause serious harm and damages to victims of distracted driving-related car accidents. Distracted driving can include more common behaviors drivers may not think of as distracted driving but can also include behaviors like texting which is considered the most dangerous form of distracted driving because it removes the driver's eyes, hands and focus from the roadway.

Could texting or other distractions have caused a crash?

We all have seen them. While stuck in traffic, or even while hitting high speeds on a highway or freeway, other drivers are texting and driving. If we are all honest with ourselves, it's possible that everyone has done this dangerous act at least once while behind the wheel. Since cell phones have become readily available, texting and driving has become a dangerous trend, as it is often the reason behind a person's car accident injuries.

Research examines frequency of drug impairment in car accidents

Maryland's roads can be treacherous even without driver behavior placing people at risk. When those behaviors, such as intoxicated driving, are factored in, a car accident can happen resulting in injuries and fatalities. One new report has found that drivers who operated their vehicles while on drugs caused more fatalities in 2015 than those who were impaired by alcohol. Even with this information, some experts state that drinking and driving is still a bigger problem than drugged driving.

Study shows growing danger of encountering a distracted driver

Maryland residents might be casually aware of the dangers inherent in encountering a distracted driver. The reality is that drivers who are not paying strict attention to the road are an even bigger risk than was previously known. As motorists have an increasing number of ways to multitask with a smartphone or other device, the number of people who are a car accident victim because of texting and driving, checking emails, or doing any number of other things with a device is increasing.

Car accident injures Harford County deputy

Law enforcement officers in Harford County and throughout Maryland are accustomed to responding to the scene of a car accident and helping those who were involved. There are times, however, when an officer will be involved in a car crash and turn into the car accident victim. Regardless of who is involved, car accidents can lead to serious injury, lost wages, and the incurrence of medical expenses. Understanding the various legal issues that may come into play in the aftermath of such a crash is imperative to protecting one's legal rights and maximizing his or her chances of recovering compensation.

Survey shows dangerous behaviors and risks of an auto accident

Harford County residents should be aware of the dangers of a distracted driver, or a person who is otherwise driving negligently or recklessly. All are factors that can lead to an auto accident. However, when there is research detailing exactly who is the highest risk for these and other dangerous behaviors, it becomes clearer as to how risky it is to go out on the road. A study by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety found that drivers classified as Millennials are, statistically, the worst drivers on the road.

Uber experiences car trouble in paradise

It seems Uber’s self-driving technology was better suited to the East Coast Pittsburgh downtown streets, rather than San Francisco’s hilly West Coast streets. Uber, despite substantial developments in autonomous car technology, is experiencing significant technical and legal hurdles in California. This post will go over those hurdles and what it could mean for anyone who is injured in an accident with a self-driven car.

Overview of the types of injuries caused by car accidents, Part 1

Car accidents are among the most prolific accidents in the United States. There are millions of car crashes every year. Automobile crashes are responsible for thousands of fatalities and hundreds of thousands of injuries. As such, there is lots of focus on the nature of the injuries that people incur as a result of crashes. This post will go over head and neck injuries; a later post will discuss the other injuries.


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