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What if I am hurt by another driver in a motor vehicle accident?

A vehicle accident can quickly lead to life-altering injuries in Maryland. Sometimes a motor vehicle accident happens due to the alleged carelessness of another driver. In this case, the reportedly at-fault driver may be held liable through the civil court system.

What types of motor vehicle accident injuries are grounds for a lawsuit?

A serious car accident can have a drastic impact on the entire family. Devastating injuries may include open head wounds, closed head wounds or traumatic brain injuries. Other injuries that can lead to permanent challenges include spinal cord damage, burn injuries, amputations, paralysis and neck injuries.

If these injuries are not diagnosed or treated properly, you can experience chronic pain and long-term conditions. In addition to being physically difficult with which to cope, the injuries you suffer in a major motor vehicle accident caused by a negligent driver may be financially costly to treat.

How is negligence determined in an injury motor vehicle accident case?

In your injury accident case, you may instinctually know that another driver caused the accident that resulted in your injuries. However, you might not know which rules or rule the individual violated. A lawyer can rely on multiple sources to help you solidify your case, such as witnesses, police reports and state traffic laws.

Drivers are generally expected to exercise a reasonable degree of care behind the wheel. Failing to do this is considered to be negligence. Courts consider several factors when determining if a motorist was negligent in an accident case. These factors include, for example, not signaling while turning or disobeying a traffic signal or sign. Other examples of driver negligence include driving while impaired, not paying attention to traffic or weather conditions, or not driving according to the speed limit.

A knowledgeable attorney in Maryland may help you to establish liability, based upon a showing of negligence, in a manner that satisfies the civil court hearing your injury case. At that point, claims for damages will be decided. A monetary award may help you to cover your medical bills, the loss of wages, and other expenses resulting from the injury-causing motor vehicle accident. Monetary compensation may additionally help to address pain and suffering as well as the emotional distress caused by your accident.

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