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Overview of the types of injuries caused by car accidents, Part 1

Car accidents are among the most prolific accidents in the United States. There are millions of car crashes every year. Automobile crashes are responsible for thousands of fatalities and hundreds of thousands of injuries. As such, there is lots of focus on the nature of the injuries that people incur as a result of crashes. This post will go over head and neck injuries; a later post will discuss the other injuries.

Neck and head injuries are both the most common injuries you can incur and the most dangerous. You can suffer two types of head injuries, whiplash, and head trauma. Whiplash occurs when the rear of the vehicle is struck, springing the head forward and backward. The neck and head can suffer moderate to severe trauma. Whiplash usually isn?t that dangerous, but it can result in soreness and stiffness in the neck. But whiplash does affect some cognitive function if the spinal cord is damaged.

You can also suffer brain damage if your head strikes the dashboard or steering wheel. These injuries do not occur if the driver is wearing the safety belt (and it is operational). These accidents occur when the car strikes an object in front of it. These can result in much more serious injuries, like concussions.

Were you a car accident victim? If yes, you may want to speak to an attorney ? you could have a valid claim for damages for personal injury. The nature and extent of the damages you can receive as compensation depends on the circumstances of the accident and the extent of your injuries. If you suffered severe injuries, you should contact an attorney because you are allowed only one opportunity to recover compensation for your injuries. A lawyer can ensure that you get enough money to pay for your medical expenses and other costs associated with the crash.

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