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March 2017 Archives

Car accident injures Harford County deputy

Law enforcement officers in Harford County and throughout Maryland are accustomed to responding to the scene of a car accident and helping those who were involved. There are times, however, when an officer will be involved in a car crash and turn into the car accident victim. Regardless of who is involved, car accidents can lead to serious injury, lost wages, and the incurrence of medical expenses. Understanding the various legal issues that may come into play in the aftermath of such a crash is imperative to protecting one's legal rights and maximizing his or her chances of recovering compensation.

Injured by a drunk driver? What's next?

Individuals who are seriously injured in a car accident often suffer in multiple ways. In addition to any physical harm, emotional stress can take a toll on your everyday life. Similar injuries can be difficult to overcome, and often lead to extensive rehabilitation. This can cause you to rack up significant medical expenses, and if you are forced to take time off work, the situation can quickly become overwhelming.

NHTSA rates the rollover rates of motor vehicles

Motor vehicles account for about one-in-ten "tow-away" accidents, however; they are responsible for one-in-three of all fatalities. In response to these disproportionate numbers, Congress instructed the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to study rollover risk and devise a system to address it. NHTSA responded with Special Report 265 which this post will briefly summarize.

Survey shows dangerous behaviors and risks of an auto accident

Harford County residents should be aware of the dangers of a distracted driver, or a person who is otherwise driving negligently or recklessly. All are factors that can lead to an auto accident. However, when there is research detailing exactly who is the highest risk for these and other dangerous behaviors, it becomes clearer as to how risky it is to go out on the road. A study by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety found that drivers classified as Millennials are, statistically, the worst drivers on the road.

Self-driving cars are a nascent industry

Self-driving cars have been all the rage of 2016, from the introduction of Tesla Autopilot to the many experiments by Google and Uber with self-driving technology. States, companies and, the federal government, are all struggling to bring self-driven cars to the market. But it is important to remember that self-driven cars, despite all of the hype, are still a very nascent industry and probably won’t penetrate the market in any great way for at least ten years. In the meantime, it is critical to protecting and foster innovation in the industry.

Uber experiences car trouble in paradise

It seems Uber’s self-driving technology was better suited to the East Coast Pittsburgh downtown streets, rather than San Francisco’s hilly West Coast streets. Uber, despite substantial developments in autonomous car technology, is experiencing significant technical and legal hurdles in California. This post will go over those hurdles and what it could mean for anyone who is injured in an accident with a self-driven car.


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