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Injured by a drunk driver? What's next?

Individuals who are seriously injured in a car accident often suffer in multiple ways. In addition to any physical harm, emotional stress can take a toll on your everyday life. Similar injuries can be difficult to overcome, and often lead to extensive rehabilitation. This can cause you to rack up significant medical expenses, and if you are forced to take time off work, the situation can quickly become overwhelming.

You may be the type of driver who follows all the rules to protect yourself from a similar situation. Unfortunately, the negligence of another driver can take away your control over your safety. If your accident came at the hands of a drunk driver, you may wish to seek restitution for financial losses, but you may be unsure how to proceed.

Factors to consider regarding liability

The circumstances under which your accident occurred will likely determine your next course of action. Specific areas that should be taken into consideration are as follows:

  • Degree of fault: Whenever an individual is convicted of driving under the influence following an accident, the court will often consider this proof of negligence. However, in some states, the amount of restitution you obtain may be reduced if you are even partly responsible for the accident.
  • Medical care required: Some injuries that occur during an accident can be severe and have a major impact on your health. If your injury requires you to endure long-term medical treatment, you may seek a judgment that includes the expenses involved.
  • Laws of accountability: Certain states may have laws that hold an establishment accountable for damages. For instance, if the establishment is responsible for overseeing an intoxicated individual before an accident occurs, it may be held responsible.
  • Wrongful death: If the accident resulted in the death of a loved one, the compensation you obtain may increase substantially. Medical and burial expenses can be significant, and if the deceased individual was your family's primary source of income, you may seek restitution accordingly.
  • Debilitating Injuries: If your injuries cause you to experience difficult continuing with or finding employment, the consequences can be catastrophic. If your ability to earn a living is diminished in the process, you may seek restitution for this area as well.

How do I proceed?

If you have suffered a life-altering injury in an accident involving a drunk driver, you may wish to seek restitution for your financial losses. An individual who was driving under the influence may often be held accountable for his or her actions, but with so many different aspects to consider during this period, you may be wondering how to proceed. An experienced attorney can assist you in determining the amount of compensation to seek and help you obtain it through the civil justice system.

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