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Multi-vehicle accident sends 5 to Maryland hospitals

A car accident in the Baltimore area sent five people to area hospitals. Police described the injuries of the driver who allegedly caused the accident as life-threatening but did not provide details on the other victims of this accident, which also caused significant delays on the Interstate.

Woman dies in latest example of danger of pedestrian accidents

When there is an accident between a pedestrian and a motor vehicle in Maryland, the pedestrian is likely to suffer from severe and even fatal injuries. These motor vehicle accidents can happen at any time to any person who happens to be in the wrong place when walking. For those who have been injured or lost a loved one in pedestrian accidents, having legal advice on how to pursue compensation is essential to pay for medical bills and treatment or to provide for the family left behind after a fatality.

Statistics for fatal motor vehicle accidents in Harford released

Law enforcement and governmental agencies in Maryland make certain to keep track of motor vehicle accidents and their causes throughout the state. This is not just to maintain a record but to determine how and why they happened so methods can be devised to reduce them where it is possible. These statistics are separated into the individual areas of the state so that the causes can be analyzed in depth.

Maryland crash shows the dangers of school bus accidents

There is an expectation that when Maryland children are placed on a school bus they will be safely brought to their destination. While this is the case most of the time, there are also the unfortunate incidents in which motor vehicle accidents happen involving a school bus and children. It is essential that these bus accidents are fully investigated to determine the cause and lay the foundation for a potential legal filing.

NHTSA rates the rollover rates of motor vehicles

Motor vehicles account for about one-in-ten "tow-away" accidents, however; they are responsible for one-in-three of all fatalities. In response to these disproportionate numbers, Congress instructed the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to study rollover risk and devise a system to address it. NHTSA responded with Special Report 265 which this post will briefly summarize.

Self-driving cars are a nascent industry

Self-driving cars have been all the rage of 2016, from the introduction of Tesla Autopilot to the many experiments by Google and Uber with self-driving technology. States, companies and, the federal government, are all struggling to bring self-driven cars to the market. But it is important to remember that self-driven cars, despite all of the hype, are still a very nascent industry and probably won’t penetrate the market in any great way for at least ten years. In the meantime, it is critical to protecting and foster innovation in the industry.

Commuter train crash leaves over 100 injured

A commuter train crash in Brooklyn has left 106 injuries. The Long Island Railroad (LIRR) is the most used commuter train in the country. It brings thousands of passengers into and out of New York City every day. The LIRR utilizes many of the same stops as the New York City subway system. The train in question was traveling into Brooklyn and failed to slow down at the Atlantic Terminal in Brooklyn.

The moral problems with driverless cars

Driverless cars are hailed as one of the technologies of the future. No one knows how this technology will mature and develop. But one clear concern is how these vehicles will operate in an emergency situation. Most futurists will tell you that driverless cars won't get into accidents. But that is only true once every car transitions to an automated system. For many years, computer-driven and human-driven vehicles will share the road. To that end, how should these cars respond to emergencies?

What if I am hurt by another driver in a motor vehicle accident?

A vehicle accident can quickly lead to life-altering injuries in Maryland. Sometimes a motor vehicle accident happens due to the alleged carelessness of another driver. In this case, the reportedly at-fault driver may be held liable through the civil court system.


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