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Drunk Driving Accidents Can Lead To Severe Injuries

Drunk drivers tend to cause more head-on or side-impact collisions because they fail to stop at intersections or cross into oncoming traffic. These types of accidents lead to more severe injuries due to the significant forces involved. You might be entitled to receive monetary compensation for your injuries and lost wages. Contact my firm to learn more.

Get Help For Your Injuries Caused By A Drunk Driver

As a lawyer with more than a decade representing injured Maryland clients, I can provide the effective, personal representation you need after a serious accident. I am attorney Garry L. Wilcox, Jr., and I understand the devastating effects a serious auto collision can have.

A drunk driving accident can leave life-altering consequences in its wake. I fight to ensure my clients receive the maximum compensation possible in their situation for several factors, including:

  • Lost wages
  • Medical bills, including physical therapy
  • Property damage
  • Pain and suffering

If the driver responsible for your accident was over-served alcohol at a restaurant, bar, sporting event or other establishment, it is possible to pursue dram shop liability. In other words, you might be entitled to recover compensation from those individuals responsible for over-serving the driver prior to your accident. Count on me to explore every legal avenue of compensation available in your case.

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